I was impressed with his analysis of my case and I retained him to represent me. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case, though I am not permitted to discuss any of the specifics, due to a confidentiality agreement. The complexity of the case and breadth of attorney Willcutts’ work,
however, are reflected in a 35-page decision issued by [the] federal judge . . . Not only was I pleased with the outcome of attorney Willcutts’ representation of me, but I was also impressed with his lawyering skills, where I reviewed all of his written filings and personally attended most of the witness depositions. During the course of attorney Willcutts representing me and afterwards, I
also got a sense for his knowledge of the securities industry generally, as well his reputation amongst other securities attorneys on a national basis, and they are both first rate.
~ Susan Antilla, financial reporter

During the course of my knowing attorney Willcutts, I have become generally familiar with the nature of his professional work, and I have developed an appreciation for the extent to which he has chosen to represent the interests of the general public and consumer rights against large corporate interests such as Wall Street. I am aware of the work he has done combating securities fraud that led to his appointment to the Connecticut Banking Commissioner’s Securities Advisory Council, as well as his taking on the cause of fighting to keep Connecticut citizens from losing their homes in the aftermath of the Wall Street mortgage scandal. ~ John Mertens, Trinity College, Professor of Engineering

I was very impressed with attorney Willcutts’ depth of knowledge and experience as it related to my case specifically and as to the mortgage industry generally. I came to understand that attorney Willcutts interest in mortgage cases derived from his extensive experience in handling securities fraud matter, which led to him becoming a member of the Connecticut Banking Commissioner Securities Advisory Council. Attorney Willcutts provided me with a thorough education of the mortgage meltdown crisis of 2008 and how it was caused by the securitization of mortgage-backed securities. Attorney Willcutts explained how mortgage backed securities represented the latest in a long line of Wall Street Ponzi schemes . . . I was particularly impressed when attorney Willcutts both described and accurately predicted how my mortgage would be passed from one company to another in a process [he] labels mortgage laundering . . . at this point I suggested that his knowledge of fraud in the mortgage industry should be put in a book and I expressed an interest in possibly writing the book with him. ~ Lawrence Lifschultz, reporter, author

I have over forty years experience operating various businesses in the
United States and internationally, and over the course of that time, I have had many
occasions to require the use of legal services, and I consider myself a sophisticated
consumer of legal services. I have utilized the services of some of the most prestigious
law firms in the world. For example, I am currently represented by Dentons – the
largest law firm in the World, in an international arbitration case before the World Bank
in a case against the country of Egypt for the improper expropriating of assets, in
violation of international trade treaties. It is within this context that I have been
impressed with and have come to trust the legal services of attorney Willcutts – so much
so that I have referred him to other family members, including my wife and son.
~ Mahmoud Wahbah. Entrepreneur

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